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Branson Classical Academy




Enrollment Deadline: May 1, 2021

Session A Payment Due by May 21, 2021

Session B Payment Due by June 15, 2021

Prospective new student applicants must apply through the Branson Classical Academy Admission Application Process.  $30 Admission Application Fee waived for the 2021 Summer Sessions.  

Enrolled students are not required to attend Branson Classical Academy in Fall 2021 in order to participate in the Summer Sessions.  Prospective new student applicants are applying only for the 2021 Summer Session(s).

Students may attend one or both sessions.  Homeschool, private and public school students are invited to apply for admission to the 2021 Summer Sessions.


Please email : [email protected] 

to begin the 2021 Summer Sessions Admission Application Process.

Currently enrolled Branson Classical Academy Full-Time & Part-Time Students are eligible to enroll in the 2021 Summer Sessions.  Please communicate via email by May 1, 2021 if you'd like to enroll your student.


Minimum Student Enrollment: 10 

Maximum Student Enrollment: 20 

Current Available Student Openings: 14

SESSION A  2021                          SESSION B  2021   

May 24 & 26 (M/W)                      July 7 & 9 (W/F)

June 2 & 4 (W/F)                           July 12 & 14 (M/W)

June 7 & 9 (M/W)                          July 19 & 21 (M/W)

June 14 & 16 (M/W)                        July 26 & 28 (M/W)


$320 per student flat tuition fee per session

(This is just under $6 an hour for a student who attends 7 hours of the 8 days offered in a session)

Each student must pay for an entire session. Attendance is optional, but the tuition fee is the same whether or not a student participates. No refunds will be made for any absences.


8-8:45                 Bible/Science: Independent Study

9-9:45                 Math: Independent Study

10-10:45               Language Arts: Independent Study

11:00-11:45            History: Independent Study

11:45-12:15             Lunch Break

12:15-1:00             Group Activity: Games, Bucket Drumming, Acting, Building, or Music Appreciation

1:00-1:45              Book Club Reading & Discussion (Students may sketch while listening to the Read Aloud)

1:45-2:45              Art Exploration

2:45-3:00             Clean Up


Summer Sessions promote continuous learning with two weekly concentrated mornings of academic study and afternoon enrichment opportunities.


The setting for the Summer Sessions is a beautiful academic environment with individual study stations in a large gathering room area. Quiet classical background music is played during the morning hours until lunch. Students may bring headphones to listen to online lessons. Beginning at lunch time, the atmosphere is more lively, conversational and group-focused. Book Club is a library-quiet listening time with an entertaining reader. This is followed by an interactive student group discussion facilitated by a teacher about the book’s setting, plot, characters and life application of story’s lessons.  Students create exquisite artwork during Art Exploration.


Students provide their own lunch, water & snacks.


Uniforms are not required during the Summer Sessions. Please follow the dress code in the Student Handbook for casual modest clothing requirements. Reminder: tank top style shirts or dresses and shorts/skirts/skorts with length 3 or more inches above the knee are not allowed.  Bike shorts must be worn under skirts/dresses.


Part-Time Students: 2nd Grade & Up need to bring their own school assignments from home to work on during Bible/Math/Language Arts /History & Science. A facilitator/learning coach will be available to help with basic questions and explanations. Individual tutoring will not be available. 

One-to-One Individual tutoring may be available for an additional fee in Math & Language Arts.

Summer Session Weekly Curriculum available upon request for an additional fee in History, Math, Language Arts & Science.  

Full-Time Students: Curriculum provided for 2020-2021 enrolled students. *Full-Time Online students please talk to the school administrator for details.


All students must provide their own school and art supplies.


Part-Time students who complete their assignments early must bring a reading book to read quietly while the other neighboring students continue on with their assignments. Art projects will only be worked on during Art Exploration from 1:45-2:45 PM. Sketch books will be used only during Book Club or Art Exploration.


Branson Classical Academy exists to strengthen Christian families and to make dynamic disciples of Jesus Christ by partnering with parents educationally to prepare college-worthy character witnesses of Christ for the next generation.

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